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by Seconds Before Landing

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Weightless 00:40
Life 03:02
The spoken voice you hear says : I have given you a son. Some day he will turn out to be a great man.
Here they come Boris….. Nose in the pudding bowl, fingers on the wall. Driving mama crazy, playing with your ball Papa chased you all around, you always got the blame A quick trip to the woodshed, to whip your skinny frame Pynesta' made you happy, you always let me win Big brother you would say to me, I wish you were my twin Little did we know one day, our lives would turn around Dear Boris I love you my clown. (Chorus). Is it any wonder ? Is It any wonder ? Is It any wonder that you’re my best friend ? (Repeat) Remember when the forces, came marching into town Used to drive them crazy, putting glass all in the ground We watched the tires go flat, sinking in the mud Hear the voices screaming, man they want our blood Then one day it happened, Alfred lured you in Promised you some candy, with his evil grin He smashed your little fingers, and hung you from a tree Mama tried to kill him, to let you be (Chorus)
I saw you march into Klushino You made my mom and dad afraid I saw you brought with you this evil Red hair and part of the brigade. Hunting Kulock farmers like their ravens in the snow Breaking down the doors, you knew they had no place to go Poke them harder, poke them harder with your bayonet Poke them once again until the clothes start getting wet Herd the others down the path, and take them to the shed Use the kerosene to light them up, make sure they’re dead Take your aim at children who are running through the fields Shoot the tallest ones, they are more than likely are the shields I saw you march into Klushino Like wolves descending on their prey. I watched you march into Klushino Make sure no one won’t get away I watched our Colonel call you over Pretend he couldn’t see or hear And when you leaned in close to listen He pulled the pin beside your ear. He pulled the pin.
Training 01:59
The female sining at the end, is singing the Russian National Anthem.
Waterfall 03:37
Waterfall Take me down to the water, let me wash my sins away One more trip down the lonely road, and I’ll be on my way, from here. The coolness of the water, let’s me know just who I am. They see me as a hero, but I’m just simple man I am. So let me stand in the waterfall, let me wash my sins away. Help me feel you Jesus, cause you know I’m on my way, from here
Close To Heaven Stand by the window in the morning light Wear the dress that you know I like Feel the sunlight in your hair Hold me close let me feel your skin A few more days and our journey begins Say a little prayer for me I know how much you care for me I’ll fly above the clouds Almost past the moon I’ll watch the sun come up I should be home by noon Looking for angels, as I touch their sky I may make it close to heaven, I feel, I feel so alive Awake at 5 a.m., cant see the light Slept like a baby all through the night It’s been a long time Now it’s almost time Look me over say it’s time to go A bumpy ride, down a lonely road Here comes the sunshine It’s almost my time A final handshake and they load me in I see their faces with their worried grin They strap me in now He knows I know how I feel the pressure and I hear the roar I played it through a hundred times before For those of you who care for me Say a little prayer for me I went high above the clouds I flew past the moon And here comes the sun I made it home by noon The angels gave a wave, as I touched their sky And I made it close to heaven I feel so alive
Yuri Speaks 01:20
36 Dogs 05:30
It sure is cold tonight That’s why my hands are shaking Is there anyone you can talk to Is there someone who cares Don’t let me go like Laika Or simply float away Isn’t there anyone, anyone you can talk too Isn’t there someone Someone who cares 36 dogs before me 36 dogs, no one cares 36 dogs, 36 dogs before me 36 dogs, no one cares How will you tell my Valentina Let her know, that you’ll be there. Is there anyone you can talk to
You don’t know what it’s like You can’t know how I feel I’ve given everything for you And now you tell me there’s nothing you can do Kiss your kids and hug your wife You need not worry I’ll be home tonight When you come back we’ll share a drink It’s time now, it’s time now But in my heart I know they lie I can see the look in Yuri’s eyes So I kiss my kids and I hug my wife They lied now, they lied now All things come to an end But this end, need not be I gave my everything for you And now you tell me there’s nothing you can do Kiss your kids and hug your wife You need not worry I’ll be home tonight When you come back we’ll share a drink It’s time now, it’s time now But in my heart I know they lie I can see the look in Yuri’s eyes So I kiss my kids and I hug my wife They lied
Answer Me 05:22
In this metal shell I live my life. I miss my home, I miss my kids and wife.... I was a good man. I loved my homeland. I did and said everything that you'd want. And now Im out here. So full of doubt here. The only words that I hear are what I say....Answer Me. I feel the heat now. Im getting weak now. Am I floating to the end of my days....Forget the fanfare. You caused this nightmare. I know you're hearing every word that I say. Answer Me.
Cosmonaut 08:31
The sun doesn't seem, as bright anymore. The kids laughter, hurts my ears. My coffee is cold, and my toast is dry. I use my napkin, to dry my tears. I cant lay awake, in our bed anymore. I try and sleep, in your favorite chair. I hold my shirt up, to my nose and breathe. I make believe that you're still here.....Oh How I Miss You, Oh How I Miss You, Make the day go away....Oh How I Miss You, Oh how I Miss You, Please make the world, go away.......
The End 03:22
The Russian voice you hear in the beginning says this : John 15:13 King James Version.....Greater Love Hath No Man Than This....That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends.


This album is a tribute to both Yuri Gagarin, and Vladimir Komarov.

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was a Soviet Air Forces pilot and cosmonaut who became the first human to journey into outer space, achieving a major milestone in the Space Race; his capsule Vostok 1 completed one orbit of Earth on 12 April 1961.

Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov 16 March 1927 – 24 April 1967) was a Soviet test pilot, aerospace engineer, and cosmonaut. In October 1964, he commanded Voskhod 1, the first spaceflight to carry more than one crew member. He became the first cosmonaut to fly in space twice when he was selected as the solo pilot of Soyuz 1, its first crewed test flight. A parachute failure caused his Soyuz capsule to crash into the ground after re-entry on 24 April 1967, making him the first human to die in a space flight.


released January 2, 2020

John Crispino : Composer, Vocals, Drums and Percussion, Synths, Bass Synth, Loops and Effects. J.D. Garrison & Guy Bar Tor - Bass Guitars. Eric Maldonado, Steve Schuffert- Lead Guitars. Rick Witkowski - Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars. Jamie Peck - Steinway Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet Solo. Vanessa Campagna - All Female Vocals. Mastered by Andy Jackson.


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Seconds Before Landing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The Great Deception follows the conceptual idea of a dystopian world, set not far into the future. Drawing on elements from science fiction, the album paints a story of a post-apocalyptic planet that has been torn and shaped by war, corruption and malevolence.

Mastered by 2 time Grammy nominee & Pink Floyd Engineer Andy Jackson, & with guest appearances by Trey Gunn & Tim Bogert.
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