The Great Deception (full album)

by Seconds Before Landing

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"Seconds Before Landing", the ambient rock collective, formed by musician and composer John Crispino, has released its first full length album. The 14 track concept album, entitled "The Great Deception" features original music from Crispino, with a number of guest talents, from notable musical followings. "King Crimsons" Trey Gunn appears and plays Warr Guitar on several tracks. Also appearing is legendary bassist, Tim Bogert, from Beck Bogert & Appice, Cactus, and Vanilla Fudge.


released March 26, 2013

John Crispino, composer, drums, percussion,vocals, midi keys, effects...Trey Gunn, Warr Guitar... Tim Bogert, Bass, "They're All Around You"... Maurice Witkowski, acoustic and rhythm guitar, Ebow on "Alice Springs" and "all guitar parts" on "They're All Around You".... Steve Schuffert, Lead Guitar on, "Solitary Man", "Instructions","I'm All Alone", "Elmendorf", "My Time To Go", and acoustic on "Message In A Field"... J.D. Garrison, Bass Guitar ...Guy Bar Tor, Bass on "My Time To Go", "Alice Springs"... Asaf Rodeh, front end guitar on "Elmendorf"... Kati O'Toole, lead vocal on "My Time To Go"... Vanessa Campagna & Carrie Marie Jackson, female background vocals... Lior, Trumpet. Jamie Peck, piano on "Alice Springs", and last but certainly not least, MIchele Cricco, lead and rhythm guitars on "Mikey Get Your Accordion". Album Mastered by 2 time Grammy Nominee, and "Pink Floyd" engineer, Andy Jackson.



all rights reserved


Seconds Before Landing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The Great Deception follows the conceptual idea of a dystopian world, set not far into the future. Drawing on elements from science fiction, the album paints a story of a post-apocalyptic planet that has been torn and shaped by war, corruption and malevolence.

Mastered by 2 time Grammy nominee & Pink Floyd Engineer Andy Jackson, & with guest appearances by Trey Gunn & Tim Bogert.
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Track Name: What Could It Be ?
radio voice : headline edition, july 8, 1947. The army air forces have announced, that a flying disc, has been found, and is now in possession of the army. army officers say the "missile", found some time last week, has been inspected at roswell, new mexico, and sent to wright field, ohio, for further inspection....... (second voice)....... there is, something out there, that um, was close enough to be observed, and uh, what can it be ???
Track Name: "Welcome, To The Future"
(mechanical female voice) _ Day by day, you sat back and watched as your liberty's were taken away...... You remained silent, except for when you spoke to criticize, those who were trying to make you aware......Little by little, you have lost, "all" that was familiar to you.....Because of your lethargy, you no longer live the freedoms you enjoyed..... Now, survival is all you care about....Welcome, to the future. Complacency, was your downfall. Now, you are paying the price. You are overwhelmed with fear....And now, panic is beginning to set in..... Blame only yourself....Blame only yourself.....Welcome, to the future. (john's ending voice) "You are now slaves of the system"!!!! " The signs were around you, but you failed to prepare" !!! "Bow Down To Your Leaders" !!!!!!! "Welcome To Your Future" !!!!! "Welcome, To The Future" !!!!! hahahaha..........
Track Name: Solitary Man
Another day is night. I miss the morning light. The singing of the birds have gone. Grab my things and try and move along. I walk for miles it seems. Between the thorns and screams. I travel till my body falls, and question why I do this thing at all..... I crave the human touch. It doesn't seem like much. To hear the sound of a voice again. Or find a face that I can call friend.....(Chorus) I'm a solitary man...... Dear God its dark out here. Just smells and sounds of fear....The distant screaming in my head. I think the lucky ones are dead. My clothes are wet and cold. These boots are worn and old. The sound of weapons in the air. My constant fight is with despair. Oh Jesus Jesus please. I'm down on bended knees. Just waiting now to see the Son. Waiting now to see the Son. (Repeat chorus)...
Track Name: Instructions
Keep your head down low. Make your body small. Keep your voices down. Or they'll find us all. Do not believe the skies. Its just a demon plan. So keep your weapons tight. Its time to make a stand. Its Armageddon time. The people have amassed. The antichrist is here. It's time to face your past.
Track Name: Alice Springs
Good Morning Alice Springs. Did you listen to the things. That I said last night. And if what I said was wrong. Can we still just get along. I hate It when you're angry. (bridge) Your brothers blood cries out for me. Raytheon cant you see ? Raytheon cant you see ? So tell me Alice Springs. Do you really do the things. That I hear about you. While your staring at the skies. Listening for lies. Remember the children. (bridge) Your brothers blood cries out for me. Raytheon cant you see ? Raytheon cant you see ?
Track Name: Innocent
I am the Pope, thats "Innocent". I treat my children well. You must believe in mother church. Or I will bring you hell....... I've very little patience. Very little patience with thee...(repeat twice) Perhaps you'll ride.....My Judas chair. Or rest on beds of nails...... I have amassed, so many ways. Of which I can impale....... I've very little patience. Very little patience with thee (repeat twice) (after acoustic solo) I've very little patience.....No more, no more patience from me.....I have, very little patience....No more, No more patience from me.......
Track Name: They're All Around You
They're in your mouth. They're on the news. They're in your car. They'll help you snooze...(they're all around you).......They're in your house. They're on your phone. They're always there. You're not alone. ....(they're all around you)......"Get Ready".......They're in your hair. They're in the skies. They're in the drops thats in you eyes......(they're all around you)......They're in your child. They're in your dad. They're in the meds that make you mad.....(they're all around you).......They want your guns. They'll take your life. They'll steal your home. They'll fuck your wife.....(they're all around you)......They'll break your heart. They'll hurt your soul. They'll take your god. They're in control......(they're all around you)........
Track Name: I'm All Alone
My head is pounding, I hope no one can hear. I cool my face on the wall. I hear the voices in the distance I fear.....Is this the fate I befall ? I catch a glimpse of the blood in my eyes. My mouth is dry, and I'm cold. I squeeze her chain, in the palm of my hand. She died before she was old......I'm by myself, and they close from behind. My legs can't make it much more. I slide the chamber, there's only one left. Can't even settle the score.
Track Name: Elmendorf
(speaking) Plane coming in from Elmendorf.... Sulli, you and Cheeks go down and pick this one up......yeah, they're coming in right now......try and bring me back a little red head this time, will ya guys ? (vocal) Hey old man, stand to the right. Remember you don't have a dog in this fight. And you young lady, stand to the left. We'll treat you well, if you serve our soldiers best, yeah ! (animated voice) The plane will be landing in ten minutes....Once the plane stops, you should rise from your seats, and begin entering the aisle in an orderly fashion....Failure to comply, will result in immediate disciplinary action....Once on the ground, you are to follow the yellow line, that leads to the warehouse......Stay within the lines, and the dogs will not harm you. Step outside of the lines, and the dogs will behave in the way they were trained....There will be absolutely "no talking".....This concludes our message.....(vocal) Now form a line. Count 1-2-3..... And stop your cryin', cause this the way it be. All canes and chairs, move over there. Cause you aint goin', anywhere........(animated voice)......If you have been given a blue mark on your hand, please move to the white building that is straight ahead.....If you have been given a red mark on your hand, please follow the administrator to the grey building, where you will be permitted to shower....Failure to comply, will result in immediate disciplinary action.....This message has been completed. (vocal) Prepare them all, to meet their maker !!!!
Track Name: Down On Me
It's fallin' down on me. Burning my skin. It's fallin' down on me. And now my sickness begins. I never heard, about the Moon Dust. Too young to know, about the Blue Fly. Only what I seen with my eyes. What did you know what did you wonder ? Or were you simply torn asunder ? Did you hide and wait alone ? Till they arrived to take you home. Did they arrive to take you home ?
Track Name: Right Before Your Eyes
You made the mountains, fall to the sea. Control our minds, with the right, frequencies......Make me see Krishna.....Make me see Allah......Make me see Buddha.....Make me see Mohammed......Make me see Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.....
Track Name: My Time To Go
Where did I go, and what do I see ? This feeling of cold, thats inside of me....And who is this man, that's holding my arm ? I'm hearing His voice, He means me no harm.....I'm hearing His voice, He means me no harm.... I'm losing my breath, He's taking my soul....Completely surrendered, I give up control....I'm seeing your tears, and feeling your woe, He's taking me now, it's my time to go........I don't want to leave, my family and friends....Please know how i love you, from now until then....You've nothing to fear....I'm safe and I'm warm....I'll see you again. Be happy don't mourn.
Track Name: Mikey Get Your Accordion
Mikey get your accordion and play. Don't cry, be a man, do what I say. It's more about me, than you. Do what I tell you to.........mikey........ Mikey boy wont you make me proud today. Stand straight, no tears, now begin to play. Its all about me, and not you. Do what I tell you too......mikey......Dont Cry...Don't Cry... Don't Cry... Don't Cry (repeat twice). Mikey get your accordion and play. Don't cry be a man, do what I say...its all about me, and not you. do what i tell you too...... mikey.... Don't Cry... Don't Cry... Don't Cry... Don't Cry......Mikey get your accordion and play....(repeat 4 times).......
Track Name: Message In A Field
Beware the bearers of false gifts, and broken promises..... Much pain, still time..... There "is" good out there...... We oppse deception...... Conduit closing.